Environmental Recycling

Environmental Disposal & Recycling

The disposal of some goods can pertain some legal and environmental issues. Clarke & Co, London removals can manage the disposal of your old and unwanted business items and you can be assured of full legal compliance and a recycling policy that puts the environment first, all at highly competitive rates.

The disposal of business goods is ruled by, and we comply with all, the legalities of the various EU directives. Clarke & Co supplies all the relevant documentation that may be required for your internal audit processes and any environmental agency audit.
We will examine any alternative to landfill from the outset, as most products can now be recycled.
Clarke & Co takes a proactive stand on recycling and looks at solutions that will be profitable for our planet. Take a wooden desk, for example:
Option 1. We can service the desk and recycle back into the community, ie local charities or church organisations.
Option 2. We can dismantle and send to an organisation abroad that may use it for a school or charity project.
Option 3. We can break down the desk into its component parts for recycling. The wood/chipboard would be sent for shredding and reuse and metal parts sent to a recycling plant for melting down.
And we can happily report that the cost of these recycling options is approximately the same cost as dumping in a landfill site, and there’s far less cost to the environment. One of our surveyors is available to give you some indication as to the business goods disposal possibilities for your office.

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Make the move to environmental disposal, that doesn’t cost the earth!