Organisation the key to stressless moving

Moving a complete family to a new environment will induce some level of stress and some people will argue that moving is the most stressful situation you can be put through. However, moving should be something other than a stressful situation, because looking forward to changes is a rewarding experience.

The question is how can a stressful situation become a rewarding experience?  Here are some advices on making your move less stressful, everything is just a question of organisation.

Foremost take a deep breath and start looking at your cupboards, draws and other places where everything started to get cluttered. A move does not just jump on you, it is something that with a bit of sound judgement you can prepare in advance. Even in the most peculiar situation you will not have to move from one day to the other. If you have planned to move away and you are waiting for an answer from an official department, you know already that you may move fast. So get ready, don’t pack right away, just do a bit of due diligence and give away to charity things that are cluttering the top cupboards.

That little bit of time taken now to clear away some unnecessary goods will play a big role in your time management at a later date. If you can plan your move then try to allow yourself at least between 2 weeks for a one room flat to eight to twelve weeks for a full 4 bedroom house.

Stress is related to poor organisation or a lack of global overview of a certain situation. Get your project management pad out, a piece of paper and write on it everything that you need to do. Then put it in a comprehensive list and divide it into weeks and keep track of what has to be done or not.

You have already done a big task with getting rid of unwanted things, now plan the next step and get help. Friends, family will help you pack and prepare for the move. If you are hiring a Moving Company speak to the foreman and get some advice, they are more than helpful and they will not spare you with good tips.

If you are hiring a packing company hey will give you some schedules, otherwise if you pack yourself remember to write on the boxes the content of it and the destination room. It will be easier when you arrive to send the boxes to the right room and not have to carry everything twice. While you are packing also try not to leave boxes everywhere, try to keep one room without boxes where you can sit down and breathe. You need some space for yourself and your family, and if you have kids they will need some «normality» in the chaos.

Taking care of yourself and your family will make it easier to manage the stress that moving brings with it.

So you are organised and have planned everything, but things may turn out not as planned. If you have added some days for rescue then you have already saved most of the damage. Stay calm and look at your list and see what can be changed to ensure the move gets forward.

Check again that your moving van will be there on the day, and plan for a subsidiary if this should fall flat. Moving companies are professionals and they will be there, but it may happens that something goes wrong and they will provide a solution. In case you need to find a last minute solution, your short list of moving companies and rental companies will be your alternative solution. If you are fortunate to have family that can help you out with a van, keep them informed too.

If you feel that you are not getting on top of it that’s normal. You have your list so keep looking at it and knowing that you are organised, your move will go ahead and you will be reassured that it will be done.

Arriving at the new place will feel strange and not at home, that is part of the natural pattern of feeling uprooted. Take the time to feel your new home grow on you. Unpack and take time to settle in your new space, go outside and discover your new environment.

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